Kenny Shepherd / STM, LLC
Thank You for 2011!
(11.22.11) - As I'm working on plans for the 2012 season I would like to take a minute and express my sincere appreciation to the sponsors, owners, drivers, crew members and fans that supported our race tracks during the 2011 season. I enjoy running the race tracks, and I really enjoy the big events, but most of all I appreciate the relationships, and friends I have in our sport.
I would also like to thank our staff for the excellent job they performed all season long. From the ticket sales, to the folks running the races and everyone in between it is a real pleasure working with you.

I would especially like to thank everyone that attended the banquet, it was a wonderful time and a great way to end a racing season that so many of us should be very proud of. The focal point of the banquet has become the Children's Hospital Raffle, but this year we also added a fund raiser for the Harmon family, and I feel it speaks volumes about the quality of character in our racing family that even in such tough times our sport can be so giving.

In the last year we lost Mike Roos, John Morris, and Bill Harmon. I know I feel personally touched by each of them and their dedication to our sport, and I feel an obligation to charge forward in the most positive manner I can as a tribute to each of them. We are working on major improvements at both the Madera and Chowchilla Speedway's, and we are assembling two great schedules for each of race tracks for the 2012 season. I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season, and I look forward to seeing you at a short track race in 2012!

Kenny Shepherd

David Sanchez / STM, Media Relations
Eric "Hotrod" Humphries Wins the Pumpkin CUP

Chowchilla, CA (10.31.11) - Seventy seven open wheel cars filled the pits for the 3rd annual Pumpkin CUP races at the Chowchilla Speedway and when the smoke cleared and the checkers went into the air for the last main event, it was Chowchilla's own Eric "Hotrod" Humphries that took home the Pumpkin CUP in the winged 360 sprint cars!

The victory paid $2,000 and was the first by Humphries. He had to fight off twenty three other drivers in the main event to take home the Pumpkin CUP. Brett Rollag made several charges on the restarts but was unable to get by Humphries so he had to settle for second place and $1,000 in pay. Craig Stidham earned $750 for third place, Kurt Nelson took home $550 for fourth, and Eric Rossi was paid $500 for fifth place.

Mathew Streeter won the Pumpkin CUP earning a $1,000 check in the non-winged sprint cars. Terry Schank Jr. came in second but made a late race pass that turned into the two leaders swapping the front spot in slide job fashion thrilling the crowd! Dan Ganderman, Colton Slack, and Jeff Banbury rounded out the top five.

The BCRA Midget Pumpkin CUP Champion was Scott Pierovich as he made a dashing high side pass on Shane Golobic to take the victory. Jason Sneep won the BCRA winged midget lite main event giving him a piece of Pumpkin Cup history.

Main event results for the 3rd annual Pumpkin CUP (visit for their results)

Winged 360's 1-Eric Humphries 2-Brett Rollag 3-Craig Stidham 4- Kurt Nelson 5-Eric Rossi 6-Mark Barroso 7-Mike Monaham 8-Anthony Simone 9-Justin Cox 10-Greg Decaires 11-Trent Canales 12-Nick McColloch 13-Art McArthy 14-Koen Shaw 15-Geoffry Strole 16-Billy Wallace 17-Steve Jaquith 18-Jeremy Burt 19-Albert Pombo 20-Eli DeShaies 21-Tommy LaLiberte 22-Cody Lamar 23-Kyle Evans 24-Ryan Rusconi

Non-Winged Sprints 1-Mathew Streeter 2-Terry Schank Jr. 3-Dan Ganderman 4-Colton Slack 5-Jeff Banbury 6-John Gerber 7-Evan Bonnera 8-Shannon Newton 9-Nick Larson 10-Jess Love 11-Billy Wallace 12-Brian Kirby 13-Bobby Nichols 14-Nathan Washam 15-Jerry Cisco 16-Dan Hatfield 17-Brandon Gandy 18-Herman Klein 19-Clay Smith 20-Danial Hood

David Sanchez / STM, LLC Media
Johnson, and Witwer are Chowtown Champions

Chowchilla, CA (10.17.11) - The Chowtown Pacific Dirt Nationals is designed to put the best local talent from California dirt tracks head to head to see who is the best of the best, and on this beautiful California weekend there were twenty different Sport Modified drivers over the two days that took on the challenge of the reconfigured super-fast Chowchilla Speedway to see if they were the best of the best.

On night one of the Chowtown Pacific Dirt Nationals the track was tacky, smooth and very fast as most every driver was under track record speeds. Randy Brown jumped out front early to show off the local talent, but it was Robert Witner, Troy Morris Jr., and Michael Johnson that quickly showed that the other tracks are loaded with some extreme talent as well.

Witner caught Brown with Morris and Johnson hot on his tail, the race gave the fans many thrills as the drivers were flying around the 1/3 mile track in slicing and dicing fashion. Witner got by Brown, but brown got under Witner with just a few laps to go and it ended with a four car pile-up in turn one. Witner made it through and picked up the win and the $1,000 check for night one.

Day two gave the drivers a look at a different race track as the track staff did everything they could to dry the race surface out providing one day of super tacky, and one day of dry slick racing. Troy Morris Jr. led the early stages of the day two main event but he was caught in lapped traffic by dry slick expert Micheal Johnson, Johnson slipped by when Morris got pinned behind a lapped car, then Witner slipped by as well. The final ten laps was a shootout between Witner and Johnson, with Witner trying to get by to pick up the $1,000 paycheck, plus the $200 bonus for two wins.

When the checkers went into the air it was Johnson taking the $1,000 win, with Witner hot on his heels, and Mitch Enos took third making it a top three from three different tracks.

The Miller Lite blind draw happened each day at payout giving a $100 bonus, each day the race winner drew a finish number and on day one it was the 12th place finisher Ray Tevis that took home the extra $100. On day two race winner Johnson drew the second place car, that car was Witner so he had a good weekend taking home $1,400 in total. Johnson finished second on day one giving him a $1,300 weekend.
Both Johnson and Witner received a free graphics wrap courtesy of Trinity Motorsports for their wins ($650 value each), as a bonus Trinity Motorsports gave each of the 7th place finishers a ½ wrap sponsorship, Marisa Odgers took the day one ½ wrap bonus, and Jim Digiovanni took home the ½ wrap sponsor for day two.

Other Chowtown Pacific Nationals winners included Roy Hart Jr., Ryan Hart, and Kevin Irwin.

Day one results;
Sport Mods
1-Robert Witner, 2-Michael Johnson, 3-Robert Faundrey, 4-Andrew Krumm, 5-Kelly Wilkerson, 6-Jason Beltran, 7-Marisa Odgers, 8-Troy Morris Jr., 9-Randy Brown, 10-Gary Hildebrand, 11-Tim Prothro, 12-Ray Tevis, 13-Jim Digiovanni, 14-Ray Mayer, 15-Harley turner Jr., 16- Thomas Leiby, 17-Jeremy Huff
Hobby Stock
1-Ryan Hart, 2-Willaim Kennedy, 3-Duane Fast, 4-Dick Webb, 5-Kristi Shearer, 6-Charles Parmley, 7- Rodger Guthrie
1-Ryan Hart, 2-Tim Elias, 3-Terry Cheatham, 4-Corkey Galey, 5-Brad Genseal
Super Stocks
1-Roy Hart Jr., 2-Michael Shearer, 3-Danny Roe, 4-Donnie Shearer

Day two results;
Sport Mods
1-Michael Johnson, 2-Robert Witner, 3-Mitch Enos, 4-Andrew Krumm, 5-Ray Mayer, 6-Troy Morris Jr., 7-Jim Digiovanni, 8-Thomas Leiby, 9-Marisa Odgers, 10-Tim Prothro, 11-robert Fandrey, 12-Ray Tevis, 13-Harley Turner Jr., 14-Mike palmberg, 15-Jeremy Huff
Hobby Stock
1-Kevin Irwin, 2-Scott Whitley, 3-Ryan Hart, 4-Duane Orsburn, 5-Dick Webb, 6-Chris Falkenburg, 7-Wathern Harding, 8-Clay Smith
1-Roy Hart Jr., 2-Brad Genseal, 3-Terry Cheatham